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Chas Hodges 1943 – 2018

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of our very own Chas Hodges.

Despite receiving successful treatment for oesophageal cancer recently, Chas suffered organ failure and passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of Saturday September 22nd.

We would like to thank our fans for their fantastic support and goodwill at this difficult time.

Chas & Dave Gold

Chas & Dave’s ‘Gold’ brings together their greatest hits on 180g heavyweight gold vinyl with original artwork. Includes ‘Rabbit’, ‘Gertcha’, ‘Margate’, ‘London Girls’, Snooker Loopy’, ‘Ain’t No Pleasing You’ and many more. The CD version also features recently-discovered vintage live recordings from the London Palladium.
Available to pre-order now! Also available on CD and download: HERE

Tour cancellations

It is with great regret that, following doctor’s advice, we’ve been left with no alternative but to cancel all forthcoming Chas & Dave shows. Chas is on the mend but progress is slow and he needs time to get back to fitness after a difficult year. We thank all our fans for the fantastic support and understanding you’ve shown in regard of the postponements and cancellations we’ve already had to make this year. We will see you all soon. Ticket holders will be informed via the respective venues regarding refunds.

Below is a statement from Chas:

In my life as a musician/entertainer I would say the most depressing thing to have to do is to have to cancel a gig or gigs. Fortunately, throughout my career of thousands of gigs with Dave or in other bands these times have been very few & far between, and only extreme illness in the past (and I mean extreme) illness has prompted me/us to have to make this decision.

So it is because of extreme illness on my part that the forthcoming gigs are going to have to be cancelled.
Briefly, recent check-ups have seen no sign of cancer but the treatment has left me well below par and it will be a slow but sure process getting me back to full strength.

Advisors say the beginning of next year should reveal a New Chas!
Hope those who are disappointed this year will come to see us sometime then.

(Chas & Dave)

Bournemouth show

Chas & Dave have been forced to cancel this weekend’s show in Bournemouth.

After playing a short set at Hyde Park on Sunday it was apparent that Chas is still some way from being fit to play a full show and has been advised to rest.

Ticket holders can contact their point of purchase for refunds.

Chas would like to thank you all for your support and understanding during this time.

Ramblin’ Man Fair

It’s with regret that Chas & Dave won’t be able to appear at Ramblin’ Man Fair this weekend.

Chas is slowly recovering from the knock-on effects of a particularly nasty bout of flu but sadly won’t be fit by the weekend and his doctors have advised extra rest.

Chas and Dave would like to send their regards to their fans and all who were looking forward to seeing them at Ramblin’ Man – they themselves were very much looking forward to playing at such a great festival and hope to have another opportunity to play there in the future.

Blackburn show

Although on the mend, Chas is still not fully-fit to play a show, and on medical advice we will unfortunately have to re-schedule this weekend’s Blackburn show.

The new date is September 29th and tickets for the original show will be valid for the new date.

As before, Chas and all of us would like to send our regards and thanks to all fans affected by these postponements for their understanding, support, and good wishes.

Liverpool show

Following on from this weekend’s postponement of the Bournemouth show Chas has still not fully-recovered from flu and regained his voice yet. Unfortunately this means we will also have to re-schedule this coming weekend’s Liverpool Empire show.

Chas never pulls out shows lightly and would like to send his regards and thanks to all fans affected by these postponements for their understanding, support, and good wishes.

The new date for Liverpool is September 23rd, and tickets for the original show will be valid for the new date.

Thank you all again for your understanding.

Bournemouth show re-schedule

Unfortunately we’ve been forced to re-schedule this Saturday’s show in Bournemouth.
Chas is still suffering the after-effects of a nasty bout of ‘flu and has not fully-regained his voice yet. He also had to cancel a live TV appearance over the weekend.
The new date is July 14th and existing tickets for Saturday’s show will be valid for the new date
It goes without saying we regret any inconvenience caused by what is an unavoidable situation.

A Little Bit Of Us – brand new Chas & Dave album


Bona fide national treasures Chas & Dave return with a new album ‘A Little Bit of Us,’ their first in over thirty years to feature brand-new Chas & Dave songs. The album, released on April 20th on the duo’s rejuvenated ‘Rockney’ label via Cooking Vinyl, is available on 12” vinyl (COOKLP704), CD (COOKCD704) and digital download. New single ‘A Little Bit Of Me’ is available now when you preorder the album from:

Says Chas Hodges: “The bloke who owns the studio where we recorded much of this album is Brian Juniper. He introduced me to Dave back in 1963 – Dave was at Junior School with him. I was at Senior School with him when, as 13 year olds, we started a Skiffle group over 60 years ago.”

The album features a mix of new Chas & Dave originals and live favourites, including the following (with wry comments courtesy of Chas):

‘Sling Your Hook’ “I wrote a special introductory verse to this – my message to cancer.” (Hodges was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer in 2017)

Come On Charlie’ “A couple of London ‘Laurel & Hardy’ removal men. What are they moving? Could it be a Sideboard?”

When You Wore A Tulip “An old song we rocked up. Done it to a few old songs in our time.”

Modern Robin Hood “Written with a Del Boy/Arthur Daley character in mind”,

‘Roses of Picardy’ “First World War song rocked up.”,

‘Last Kiss’ “Like to think that Carl Mann or Jerry Lee would have done this, had it been around in the 50’s.”

Why Not Me? “This one is from my daughter Kate – a great piano player & singer/songwriter.

The full track listing of ‘A Little Bit Of Us’ is:

  • A Little Bit of Me
  • Come On Charlie
  • When You Wore A Tulip
  • Wonder Where He Is Now
  • Nagasaki
  • Dry Bones
  • Nothing You Can Do
  • Modern Robin Hood
  • Last Kiss
  • My Little Grass Shack
  • Roses of Picardy
  • Sling Your Hook
  • Why Not Me?

Chas again: “This is our first Chas & Dave-produced album for over thirty years. Tell you what, though, we ain’t waiting another 30 years before we do the next one. The older you get, it seems time goes quicker. Yet as soon as we got in the studio it seemed like yesterday that we were producing our last album. My mum used to say the same thing in 1960: “30 years ago I was 17 & it seems like yesterday.” “How can 30 years ago seem like yesterday?” says I, slightly mockingly. “Well it bloody well does”, says mum, getting the deserved last word, and that’s that.”

Chas & Dave – All Seasons live 2018

*Update. The Wolverhampton Civic Hall show – which had been cancelled due to the venue’s closure -  has now been moved to the Wolverhampton Diamond Suite. This is on the same date as the original show and tickets bought for the original show will be valid.

In the 45+ years that Chas & Dave have been together they’ve never been off the road – averaging at least one show a week in that time.
In 2018 they’ve decided to do something a little different.
To that end they’ve joined forces with AEG Presents and will be playing just a handful of very special seasonal shows around the country throughout the year – starting with the spring show at the Royal Albert Hall in April.
These shows will be the classic Chas & Dave live experience – featuring Aint No Pleasing You, Rabbit, Margate, Gertcha, and all the favourites as you know and love them, plus many more songs spanning their entire career together.

Don’t miss these unique opportunities to catch Chas & Dave live.
Tickets on sale 9am, Friday 24th of November.

April 20th – London, Royal Albert Hall
June 10th – Liverpool, Empire Theatre
June 23rd – Blackburn, King George’s Hall
October 26th – Wolverhampton Diamond Suite
October 28th – Leicester De Montfort Hall
December 15th – Glasgow, Barrowlands
December 16th – Edinburgh, Usher Hall

As Chas says; “Looking forward to these very special seasonal shows. We’re playing better than ever!”