OUT NOW ON SANCTUARY RECORDS ‘Country Pies, Black Claws, & Oily Rags

Track listing:

1. I’m Coming Home
2. Grits Ain’t Groceries
3. End Of The Road
4. Spell It Out For Me
5. Swinging Doors
6. I’ll Sail My Ship Alone
7. Country Pie
8. They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me
9. How Many Times
10. If You Wanna Be My Woman
11. Hillbilly Music
12. Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo Yo
13. What A Stupid Thing To Do
14. Another Useless Day
15. Come Up And See Me Sometime
16. Boiled Beef And Carrots
17. Time To Kill
18. Baby Doll
19. Holy Cow
20. Silver Dollar
21. Mailman Brings Me No More Blues
22. Barefoot Days
23. Jody And The Kid
24. Country Boy Singer
25. Clive Of India
26. Mama And Papa Jazz

-is the collected recorded material of Chas & Dave ‘pre-Chas & Dave’

Over the last couple of years whilst re-releasing the C&D back catalogue we’ve been asked constantly about the availability of the rare ‘Session albums’ recorded by the boys in the early 70s, prior to releasing the first Chas & Dave album ‘One Fing’n'annuvver’ – ‘Country Pie’ & ‘Oily Rags’. Now, for the first time ever these albums are released in the UK on one CD along with some rare tracks from ‘Black Claw’, the short lived line up featuring Chas, Dave, and Mick Burt.