What is “The Other Side of Chas & Dave”?
Over to Dave to explain:

“It had been on Chas’s mind for quite some time to showcase our more laid-back numbers. A lot of people had never heard this side of what we do even though our biggest hit – “Aint No Pleasing You” – was a ballad, as well as “I’m Going Back” being used on the teddy bears Heathrow ad. So when the opportunity came to put together this compilation, it became a labour of love for Chas. In fact, it was the last release that he was involved with and wrote sleeve notes for.
Enjoy listening to our “other side”.
Dave Peacock.

This wonderful collection of songs is released digitally, on CD and coloured vinyl and is out now. Order from our official webstore here https://chasanddave.tmstor.es/

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