Working Man – the first recordings of Chas & Dave – out now!

February 2024

Richard Digby Smith was the first person to record Chas & Dave – his recordings of the boys in the summer of 1973 at his home studio feature on the rarities disc of the “Givin it That” box set. And we’re chuffed that he’s released the full recordings as a four track EP on his TQ1 label. Order yours here

Mustn’t Grumble – vinyl re-release – out now!

November 2023

The brand new vinyl release of the classic “Mustn’t Grumble” album is out now.

Mastered from the (recently re-discovered) original analogue master tapes, this is a true, analogue vinyl release, just like the 1981 original. The album also contains brand new, extensive sleeve notes from Dave giving the back story to the album and its development, and will be pressed on special “Rockney” yellow vinyl.
And if that’s not enough, Dave has also signed a limited number of copies as an exclusive on our web shop. So get in quick by pre-ordering on our web shop here

“Mammy’s Arms” – out now

August 25th 2023

Thirty years later than planned, the Chas, Dave, and Joe Brown single “Mammy’s Arms” is out now on all digital platforms. Stream and download here

Mick Burt

August 23rd 2023

Remembering Chas & Dave’s original drummer Mick Burt on what would’ve been his 85th birthday.

Chas, Dave, and Joe.

4 Aug 2023


Back in 1992, Chas, Dave, and their old mate Joe Brown got together for a hugely enjoyable and successful UK tour. During some time off on the tour they decided to go in the studio to record something together for a potential single release. The result was their unique version of “Mammy’s Arms” which was never released but was recently re-discovered. So on August 25th – over thirty years after it was recorded – “Mammy’s Arms” will finally be released as a digital single available to download and stream.

Mustn’t Grumble – vinyl re-release.

July 2023

We’re very excited to announce the vinyl re-release on Demon Records of Mustn’t Grumble – Chas & Dave’s breakthrough album from 1981.
This is the album that contains C&D’s two biggest hit singles in “Aint No Pleasing You” and “Rabbit”, as well as many other favourites. We’re equally excited that the vinyl has been mastered from the (recently re-discovered) original analogue master tapes. So this will be a true, analogue vinyl release, just like the 1981 original. The album also contains brand new, extensive sleeve notes from Dave giving the back story to the album and its development, and will be pressed on special “Rockney” yellow vinyl.
And if that’s not enough, Dave has also signed a limited number of copies as an exclusive on our web shop. So get in quick by pre-ordering on our web shop here

Wish I Could Write A Lovesong – 40th anniversary.

4 Oct 2022


Another 40 year milestone! – 40 Years ago today Chas & Dave released “Wish I Could Write A Love Song”.

The song was inspired by Chas writing the words on an anniversary card for his wife Joan. To mark the 40 years we’ve released a recently-discovered alternative version of the song which you can download and stream here

Aint No Pleasing You – 40th anniversary.

20 Feb 2022


40 years ago this week Chas and Dave released what was to become their most successful and enduring single. “Aint No Pleasing You” was, at the time, seen as a departure from their established sound – a ballad about a relationship on its last legs. But the boys had been playing the song live for a while before releasing it and knew from the audience reaction that it could do well.
And do well it did, narrowly missing out on the top spot in the UK singles chart after spending over ten weeks in the top 40, hitting number one on various music weekly charts, and going on to be their first big overseas hit – resulting in a German language version being recorded!
To mark the occasion we’re releasing online a stripped-down strings version of the track. Have a listen and download here

Chas Hodges, Right At Home – the new album.

26 Feb 2021

Chas’s critically-acclaimed new album of unheard songs and recordings is out now. Featuring the singles “Magic Time of Christmas” and “Street Games”, as well as key tracks “Trigger (Is What I’m Known As)”, and Chas’s poignant version of the Beatles’ “I’m So Tired”. Order on CD or vinyl from the official Chas & Dave web shop here

Chas’s new single and video

8 Jan 2021

The new track ‘Street Games’ – the second single from the forthcoming Chas Hodges album “Right at Home – selected unreleased home recordings 2007 – 2017” is available to stream and download now. The song was written and recorded around 2012 and is pretty much autobiographical of Chas’ Edmonton childhood. The amazing video has been created by the hugely talented benpics – the man behind the Bob Mortimer/Athletico Mince animations as well as the recent memorable clips for C&D classics Gertcha, Wallop, and Diddlum Song.
Download or stream ‘Street Games’ now and pre-order “Right at Home…” from our official webstore, or your local indie here

Chas Hodges album pre-order

04 Dec 2020

“Magic Time of Christmas” – the first single from the forthcoming Chas Hodges album “Right at Home – selected unreleased home recordings 2007-2017”.

“Magic Time of Christmas” was the first dedicated Christmas song that Chas wrote and recorded, and until now has remained largely-unheard.

When Chas wasn’t on the road (or on his allotment!) you’d find him in his living room recording music. “Right at Home” is a very special collection of that music – unreleased, and unheard songs recorded over a ten year period between 2007 and 2017.

These are not rough ideas but fully-realised and hugely-enjoyable songs that Chas would’ve wanted the world to hear, including ten original compositions and four covers.

“Magic Time of Christmas” is available now to download and stream on Spotify, and Apple Music here.

“Right at Home” will be released on the 26th February 2021 and is available to pre-order now on CD, 180g Black Vinyl and digital here.

Derek Lawrence

May 14th 2020

We were very saddened to hear of the passing of legendary producer and record label boss Derek Lawrence. He produced huge-selling albums for the likes of Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, and many others.

Derek was the first person to give Chas & Dave a shot by releasing their debut album “One Fing ‘n’ Annuvver” on the Retreat label he’d set up with guitar ace Big Jim Sullivan, and he had faith in the boys to let them produce the album themselves – something almost unheard of for a label boss to do for a band’s debut album.

Rest In Rock’n’Roll, Del. You and Charlie keep the noise down up there!


Gertcha – official video

May 8th 2020

Even more surprising than “Wallop” never having an official video made back in the day, is the fact that C&D’s first hit single “Gertcha” didn’t have one either. But the genius of benpics does it again and we’re knocked-out to share the brand new official animated video for the “Gertcha” here

Wallop! – official video

April 25th 2020

Wallop! – released in 1981, but never had an official video clip…until now. The brand new official animated video by the excellent benpics (Bob Mortimer/Andy Dawson/Athletico Mince) is here, and it’s a corker. Have a look here.


January 16th 2020

We’re chuffed to hear that not only is the classic kids’ show “Crackerjack” returning to our screens, it also features a rather excellent new version of Chas & Dave’s classic theme tune from the 1980s. The first episode airs on CBBC, 17th of January at 6pm.




Mick Burt

October 19th 2019

In memory of Chas & Dave’s former drummer Mick Burt on the fifth anniversary of his passing.

Keep giving it stick up there Burtie!

Chas’ Memorial Show Film

September 22nd 2019

Hard to believe it’s been one year since Chas left us. So it’s fitting that today we present the entire Chas Hodges Memorial Concert from last December for you to enjoy. You can watch it here

“Givin’ it That” – the complete Chas & Dave studio album collection.

October 22nd 2019

Just arrived, “Givin’ It That” – The albums collection box set
10CDs including all nine original albums, gathered together in one package for the first time ever: One Fing ‘n’ Anuvver (1975), Rockney (1977), Don’t Give A Monkey’s… (1979, and now featuring the four extra tracks on the 7” EP included with the initial pressing), Mustn’t Grumble (1981), Job Lot (1982), Well Pleased (1984), Flying (1987), That’s What Happens (2013), and A Little Bit Of Us (2018).
107 tracks, including all the hits, plus a disc of rarities, many either previously unreleased. These include the previously unreleased recordings from May 1973, rare B-sides and demos from the “One Fing ‘n’ Anuvver” period, a previously unreleased live track recorded in a Docklands pub in 1977, the rare original versions of “Gertcha” and “Sideboard Song”, and two rare B-sides on CD for the first time (“It’s Only The B-side” and “Sunday”) from 1979.
Plus a 32-page booklet with photos and memorabilia, including the original handwritten lyrics for “Rabbit” and “Sideboard Song” amongst others.
Release date pushed back slightly to the 8th November and available to order now here:

The Other Side of Chas & Dave

February 13th 2019

What is “The Other Side of Chas & Dave”?
Over to Dave to explain:

“It had been on Chas’s mind for quite some time to showcase our more laid-back numbers. A lot of people had never heard this side of what we do even though our biggest hit – “Aint No Pleasing You” – was a ballad, as well as “I’m Going Back” being used on the teddy bears Heathrow ad. So when the opportunity came to put together this compilation, it became a labour of love for Chas. In fact, it was the last release that he was involved with and wrote sleeve notes for.
Enjoy listening to our “other side”.
Dave Peacock.

This wonderful collection of songs is released digitally, on CD and coloured vinyl and is out now. Order from our official webstore here

Chas’ Memorial Show Raises Thousands for WaterAid

January 16th 2019

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Chas’ memorial show raised over £40,000 for WaterAid. This will pay for clean water and sanitation for life for thousands of people. Thank you again to all the fantastic artists who donated their time and talent, and of course the fans for making the event a sell-out as well as your many generous donations. Chas would have been overjoyed with the result.

The show itself couldn’t have gone better – with old friends Eric Clapton and Gary Brooker joining what was already an amazing array of talent to create a memorable finale to a memorable show.

Chas Hodges – A Celebration

October 12th 2018

An evening of music and entertainment in memory of Chas Hodges.

Anyone who knew him would tell you Chas Hodges lived for playing shows.

So there’s no better way of honouring his memory than putting on a show for him featuring artists from across the entertainment world who he shared friendship, history, and admiration with.

The whole evening will be presented by Chas’s long-term friend and musical partner Dave Peacock, and will also feature musical contributions from Chas’s family.

Proceeds from the show will go to Chas’s favourite charity WaterAid.

To quote Dave Peacock:

“It’ll be very strange for me playing a show without my mate. But I’m sure he’d have been well-pleased with the line-up that will be paying tribute to him”.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, 19th of October.

Thank You

September 25th 2018

Chas’ wife Joan, his children, and Dave have been overwhelmed by the many thousands of messages of love and support and would like to thank everyone for those.

For the record, we would like to clarify that Chas did not die of cancer. The doctor’s final diagnosis was pneumonia and the cancer was under control at the time of death.

We feel this is important to state as Chas wanted to bring comfort and hope to people suffering with cancer through his own experience with the disease, and it would mean a lot to him that the hope remains.